Africa by Train: Luxury meets adventure in Africa

A trip that changes your perspective from day one!

At first, when you hear about a Victorian luxury train that takes you around Africa you might feel skeptical… Until you realize the train has been designed to take you to that Victorian era! From Wi-Fi to formal dress code at dinner, this experience is the kind that stays with you forever!

No Wi-Fi at last – Time to disconnect

Haven’t we had enough with technology and with our daily routine using our phones? Always being connected, how often do we travel and manage to disconnect and decompress from work’s stress and constant worrying?

We might not realize it but most of our mental stress comes from today’s number one addiction: Being constantly connected with friends, family and colleagues 24/7, 365 days per year.

What if someone told you that for 3 days you cannot go online and that maybe it is time to reconnect with the real world; the one that surrounds you.

Depending on your level of addictiveness to the Internet you might experience a withdrawal effect in the first few hours by tapping on your smartphone’s screen hoping to see your social media notifications pop up. Not to worry because as soon as you get out of your cabin all the fun begins! Especially for younger people that are used to be connected 24/7 the lack of wifi makes it even more exciting and…primeval!


So what do you do next? You head to the lounge bar!



When it comes to drinks you don’t have to worry on board this train.

All drinks are on the house so feel free to have any kind of beverage you like while enjoying the view as well as the company of your co-passengers.

NB: When having your drinks you must try those potato chips!


Socializing with many interesting people

Remember that everyone is in the same position as you are: you have all just arrived and you are curious to see how this experience will unfold. At the beginning, each might be sipping his/her drink alone, but it won’t take long until you start chatting to one another. By dinner time you will have already made your first acquaintances.

Boutique experience, proper pampering

The personnel onboard the train is on its toes to make your stay unforgettable and extraordinary. They are all professional and very warm while the train has been uniquely designed to the last detail to take you to a different era.

To offer extraordinary luxury services, includes the factor of surprise and Rovos does that perfectly. Each time you come back from lunch or dinner a new surprise awaits you in your room and every single time you unconsciously smile and think of how well and professionally this train is run with such friendly personnel. From a plate of fresh fruit to a bottle of champagne and a rose on your bed, surprises keep coming and the fun never ends.

Re-living a different era

As the concept is to relive a different era, ordinary is definitely not what you expect when boarding the train.

At dinner men and women are kindly asked to dress formally so as to match the whole experience as well as the retro environment.

Ideal safari location

For those who have had a safari know well what the chances of spotting wildlife, especially in a timeframe of 3-4 hours, are quite low. Well, our Game Park near Hluhluwe town was extraordinary, spotting 4 of the Big 5 wild animals: Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo and missing only the Leopard!

Safety the train provides throughout the journey

For some, Africa as a travel destination might sound dangerous. The safety and ultimate luxury this train offers is the epitomy of exploring Africa while enjoying the safety and ultimate luxury this train and its personnel have to offer.

The total duration of this trip was 2 nights and 3 days, departing from Durban and arriving in Pretoria (just 40’ from Johannesburg).

I personally find it ideal for someone who wants to try his luck in exploring the… hidden side of life; that of no internet, no distractions whatsoever combined with a true, luxurious experience and authentic… pampering!

For those wondering prices start at 20,600 ZAR (approx. £1,250/€1,400/$1,650) per person with accommodation, all meals, all beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic), 24-hour room service & bar facilities, limited laundry service, guided safari with entrance fees and taxes.


Source: LuxOlympus Mayfair 



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