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LuxOlympus Mayfair is a boutique Travel Agency authorized and regulated by the TTA (Travel Trust Association), founded by Aris Spiliotopoulos, who wanted to offer unique and exclusive experiences across the globe. Each one of us has a unique idea of luxury. To some, a secluded island paradise with crystal clear blue waters is total heaven. For others, safari adventures or Polar expeditions and new experiences are the epitome of a dream luxury holiday. LuxOlympus Mayfair offers the complete range of getaways catering to your individual requirements while Aris travels the world participating in local events and festivities discovering hidden locations and experiencing premium standards of service. At LuxOlympus Mayfair trips last for days while experiences last forever.


Epitomizing a harmonic relationship between natural beauty, unique experiences and true luxury we enable you to experience the hidden side of life. Welcome to LuxOlympus Mayfair

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