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It is based on tradition and trusts nature.
The first brand internationally identified with beauty and nature. Since 1959 and based in the Black Forest of Germany, the motto of the founder Annemarie Lindner was "I do not put anything on my skin that I can not eat".
To date the company ANNEMARIE BORLIND continues research and development in the field of natural skin care and natural beauty with the best ingredients: what nature has to offer and the Black Forest ( Black Forest) of Germany. That's why ANNEMARIE BORLIND means natural cosmetics made in the Black Forest.
It all started in 1959, when Annemarie Lindner founded the company ANNEMARIE BORLIND - Natural Beauty together with her husband. A world leader in the field of natural cosmetics, it remains to this day a family business after the reins of the company have passed to the third generation Lindner. Family values are the foundation on which its continuous evolution is based ANNEMARIE BORLIND - Natural Beauty .


The pioneer and dynamic Annemarie Lindner She was an beautician but the sensitivities of her skin and the allergies caused by the cosmetics of the time pushed her to create the first 100% natural cosmetics in the world.
It started with the very simple motto "I do not put anything on my skin that I can not eat", which was the basis on which Annemarie Borlind Natural Beauty created and developed all products to date.
She thus won the title of first vegetarian (and after vegan) company in the world long before it became "fashion", then a need and finally a way of life of the modern era.
Annemarie Lindner focused on the pure gifts of nature, the effectiveness of the active ingredients she found exclusively in the Black Forest, which to this day is the headquarters of the entire company, from management to production and research and development, thus ensuring product quality.
Her identification ANNEMARIE BORLIND - Natural Beauty by nature we see her in her choice to use:
1) Plant extracts from organic crops
2) Water from springs of the Black Forest
3) Innovative vegan cosmetics, without animal derivatives
4) Certified animal cruelty free and animal free testing methods
THE ANNEMARIE BORLIND - Natural Beauty is an eco-friendly company that combines sustainability and ethical practices with the proven, and certified by recognized global organizations, effectiveness of its products. The social responsibility of the company, however, does not stop there. It supports local communities by purchasing specific raw materials, and through its actions supports environmental projects worldwide. Part of the company's philosophy is to give future generations the future they deserve.
In ANNEMARIE BORLIND - Natural Beauty You will find cosmetics for all skin types for women and men, as well as a collection of vegan makeup products that will cover even the most demanding skin.
Some of the skin care lines that are trusted by millions of women and men around the world, and we have singled out are the following:

Complete moisturizing treatment system suitable for women over 30 with dehydrated and combination skin. Eliminate wrinkles due to dryness and keep the skin hydrated and supple.
The entire Aquanature line is certified vegan and provides the care you need for smooth and glowing skin.

The specialized care line LL REGENERATION enhances the rejuvenation of the skin. Activate the regeneration of your cells, with strong anti-aging action, see your skin immediately tighter, rejuvenated and elastic.

Aimed at women over the age of 40, with more mature and demanding skin. Improve skin elasticity and minimize wrinkles. The innovative 3D grid of active ingredients activates the production of collagen and elastin. Depending on the needs of your skin, choose between light and rich texture, for protection during the day and intensive care at night. Leaves skin firmer & smoother.

Your best ally for mature skin. The key to the effectiveness of the NATUROYALE series is the Biolifting complex. Activates the regenerative capacity of the skin and renews the cells. Use daily to achieve an amazing natural facelift result. Even after a short use, the skin is naturally firmer, smoother and more hydrated. Aimed at all women who maintain their confidence and remain inspired and well-groomed.

SPECIAL CARE - Special care products
For targeted and intensive skin care, choose innovative products for the special needs of your skin. Care specifically tailored to the needs of your skin.
Extend or replace parts of your daily care using targeted care products such as:
Their Biphasic sera that strengthen your skin and offer extra hydration, rejuvenation, regeneration, smoothing, toning, anti-aging. One of the most popular products offered by ANNEMARIE BORLIND - Natural Beauty .
The capsules INTENSIVE CARE with oil for intensive treatment at night. Based on ceramides and borage oil, enhance the skin's resistance and ability to retain moisture. Immediate and long-term results for a visibly refreshed and smooth skin. The capsules are used by beauty professionals as a skin strengthening treatment that works at night and shows results throughout the day.
The Anti - aging cream mask which enhances the stimulation and regeneration of cells and offers you an invigorating action, thanks to the active ingredients it contains. See the wrinkles and fine lines created by the passage of time or by intense dryness, to be smoothed noticeably and with duration. Ideal choice for women who require a firmer and firmer skin, hydrated and noticeably rejuvenated.
Finally, we could not fail to mention the vegan collection MAKEUP ANNEMARIE BORLIND - Natural Beauty . In our collection you will find everything you need for one complete makeup . Make up, powders, blush, mascara, lipstick, eye pencils, lips, shadows, make-up remover and much more. The makeup from ANNEMARIE BORLIND - Natural Beauty emphasizes your natural beauty. The carefully selected ingredients of nature and the innovative recipes of cosmetics ANNEMARIE BORLIND - Natural Beauty offer you care and duration all day.
The beginning made by Annemarie Lindner with determination, diligence and great skills led to the establishment of the company ANNEMARIE BORLIND - Natural Beauty causing global triumph and recognition by promoting natural products and the value of nature in general. Plus, the products ANNEMARIE BORLIND - Natural Beauty are located on the busiest streets in the world. Big Hollywood stars like Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger use the products.
Throughout the 60 years that the ANNEMARIE BORLIND - Natural Beauty produces natural cosmetics has won significant awards and continues to emphasize its development and using innovative research methods. It reveals the well-hidden power of nature in order to continuously improve and develop it. Target of the Lindner family is until 2025 h ANNEMARIE BORLIND - Natural Beauty to achieve a positive environmental footprint by being nominated for the Green Award, ie the greenest industry in Germany and one of the greenest industries in the world.

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