<transcy>We support "Takis Shelter" stray animal shelter, meet them because they need our help!</transcy>

Theoklitos Proestakis, also known as Takis, has become a guardian angel for the local dog population in Crete. He was once a DJ but left his profession to start an animal shelter called "Takis Shelter" to help abandoned dogs.
Takis Shelter was founded six years ago with the sole purpose of rescuing stray, abandoned animals in Crete. To date, Takis has rescued more than 600 dogs and is doing his best to care for them, working continuously seven days a week. Based in Ierapetra, south of Crete, the rescued dogs and cats have private, closed olive groves to run freely, happily and healthily. More than 350 of the shelter's cats and dogs were neutered even though they were a few months old, due to their age or health.
The shelter, which is 33,000 square meters in size, has monthly expenses of more than 6,000 in food and veterinary expenses. 98% of the donations come from countries outside Greece, as local authorities are said to be reluctant or unable to help fund the shelter.
Unfortunately, with few people willing to help, there is still an overwhelming amount of stray cats and dogs in southern Crete in need of rescue. The shelter does not receive help from the authorities and relies solely on donations.
Since 2014, Takis Shelter has hosted over 600 animals. However, there are hundreds of dogs and cats looking for their eternal home. Takis Shelter uses social media to find suitable homes for dogs.
Enter the website www.takisshelter.org to get to know their work, learn more information, strengthen the shelter and adopt your new family member.