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We respect your concerns about the protection of your personal data and appreciate the relationship we have with you. The present Privacy Policy of the resident in the Constitution of Athens, at Kornarou Street no. 1, a company with the name " GENNESIS EUROPE Ι.Κ.Ε. » and the distinctive title " GENNESIS EUROPE », With Α.Φ.Μ. 801220205 Δ.Ο.Υ. A 'Athens, describes the types of personal information we collect about our customers, the way we use this information, with whom we may share it and the rights of our customers regarding the way we use this information. We also describe the steps we take to protect the security of this information, the length of time we maintain it, and how our customers can contact us directly about our personal information management practices. The processing of your personal data is governed by these terms, the relevant provisions of the Greek and Community legal framework for data protection, including the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679), law 4624/2019 and relevant decisions, guidelines and regulations issued by the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.

This Data Protection Policy (hereinafter the "Policy") is an integral part and is incorporated into the Terms of Use of our Website and may be subject to modification. We advise you to check the Privacy Policy regularly to be informed of any changes. By visiting and navigating our site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Cookies as in each case. In case of significant modifications, we will take care of the publication of a relevant notice to the visitors of our Website.

For the purposes of the applicable laws on the protection of personal data, the Data Controller ( data controller ) is the legal entity located in your country of residence (ie where the billing address is). The details of the legal entities that act as data controllers for the purposes of this Privacy Policy are listed below in the "How to Contact Us" section.

Information We Collect

We can get your personal information from various sources. We may collect this information when you offer it to someone bazaar us in some aesthetics of our company, in our Website, in our pages in social media, when you download our applications on your mobile phone or from one of our events. When you visit this site, our social media pages, or use the services or features of our mobile applications, we also collect information about the device or its use by automated media, including the use of technologies such as cookies , web server logs and web beacons .

Information You Provide

You may choose to provide us with personal information in a variety of ways, such as when you participate in an offer or promotion, or when you make a purchase on the site or at bazaar or through one of our mobile applications. The types of personal information you provide to us may include:

- Contact details (such as name, postal address, e-mail address ( e-mail ), and mobile or other telephone number)

- Age and date of birth

- Sex

- Username and password, nickname / screen name

- Payment information (such as your card number, expiration date and security code)

- Shipping and billing information (such as delivery address and billing address)

- Purchase history

- Product preferences

- Your skin type / skin condition

- The natural characteristics and care needs of your skin

- Contact information for friends, family or other people you would like us to send a message to (please make sure you only provide contact information for people with whom you have a personal or family relationship and who have agreed to receive messages from you or us)

- Information or content you provide (such as photos, videos, reviews, articles, survey responses and comments).

- Information provided to us through social networking applications or one of our mobile applications when you visit our social media pages or use one of our mobile applications (such as your name, profile picture, likes , the location, friends list, and other information described on the social media page or our apps, or your geographical location when using one of our mobile apps).

How we use the Information

We may use the information you provide to us in order to:

- We send you promotional material or other advertising communications, with your prior consent

- We provide the products or services that you (or your company) have requested and use features of our website

- We process your payments and / or gift card transactions

- Create and manage your account, including your access to your purchase history. Your shopping history is kept in order for us to send you news, special offers and promotional material depending on your profile and preferences. The service history of our services is also used to export statistics that allow us to better evaluate the visits and navigation of users through our website, so as to improve its content and structure.

- Create a profile for you based on the information you provide to us, in order to tailor our ads to your interests, find the right care for your skin or hair and evaluate the effectiveness of our promotions.

- We help you choose products and replenish them

- We discuss with you or answer your questions

- We publish your product reviews

- We customize the ads that appear to you on our site and elsewhere depending on your interests and background

- Contact you about, and provide you with participation in special events, contests, lotteries, rewards programs, surveys and other promotions

- We operate and communicate with you about our social media pages or our applications for mobile phones or other devices

- We operate, evaluate and improve our professional activity (including the development of new products and services, the strengthening and improvement of our services, the management of our communication, the analysis of our products, the conduct of data analysis, and the execution of accounting, our audit and other internal functions)

- We comply with applicable legal requirements, relevant industry standards and our policies

We may also use the information in other ways, for which we will provide specific notice at the time of collection. The information collected is necessary for the purposes mentioned above. Without this information, you may not be able to benefit from any of our products or services.

The purposes of processing your data as above are the provision of services, the sending of a newsletter, the improvement of services provided, promotion, targeted advertising.

Legal Basis for the Use of Information

We will use the information you provide for the above purposes if:

- Necessary for concluding a contract to which you are a party (eg, to process your payment and deliver the products you have ordered), or if

- We have received your consent, or if

- We have a legitimate interest in doing so

Information We Collect by Automated Media

When you visit this site, view or click our online ads (including our ads on third party websites), or download and use one of our mobile apps (if any), we also collect some information about your use or your device with automated media or using technologies such as cookies , web server logs and web beacons . For example, if you use one of our mobile applications, we may collect the address IP , your unique device ID (or other device ID) and / or geolocation data in order to offer you certain features or functions within this mobile app. As discussed in more detail below, we may also collect information about your usage and browsing habits using various web technologies.

For convenience, our mobile applications (if any) may include features that allow you to stay connected to the application so that you do not have to re-enter a password each time you want to access the application.

If you choose to stay connected, you should be aware that anyone with access to your mobile or other device will be able to access and make changes to your account and may be able to make purchases through your account. Therefore, if you choose to stay connected to the application from your mobile device, we recommend that you enable the Lock Security feature with Passcode on your mobile device to protect yourself from unauthorized access to and use of your mobile device and application account.

Technologies We Use - Policy Cookies

The cookies are small text files that web pages send to your computer or other internet-connected device to uniquely identify your browser or to store information or settings in your browser.

The following types cookies are assigned to him I stop.

Internally Cookies Necessary for the Operation of the Website

We use cookies to help the site function in the best possible way. You can opt out of receiving these cookies and turn them off by adjusting your browser settings. Note, however, that without these cookies Your user experience may be affected.

Combined with receiving information through cookies , the web servers It can record information such as your operating system type, your browser type, and other system settings, as well as the language used by your system and the country and time zone in which your device is located. The web server logs may also record information such as the address of the Website through which you were directed to our page and the address of the Internet Protocol ( IP ) of the device you are using to connect to the internet.

In order to control who web servers collect this information, we may tag you ( tags ) on our websites, which are called " web beacons "These are instructions to the computer in order to link web pages to specific ones web servers and cookies their.

Services Web Analytics Third Parties

We may use services web analytics third parties on this site, such as Google Analytics . The service providers who manage these services use technologies such as cookies , web server logs and web beacons to collect information (such as address IP ) and use this information to help us analyze how visitors use the Website. These suppliers may use cookies posted on this Website (such as Google Analytics cookie ) and cookies placed on third party websites (such as Google adverstising cookies ) or other third party IDs, in combination, in order to analyze our site visitors. The first time you visit our site, a notification about cookies will inform you about the use of these analysis technologies. They will only be used if you accept them or continue browsing the site. You can change the settings for cookies at any time and accept or reject these analytics technologies by clicking the control tool below cookies to customize your preferences for cookies . Adjusting preferences for cookies may disable specific features of this site as described below.

You can disable the ability for these analytics services to record your browsing activity on this site. To learn more about web analytics service and to exercise your choice of information collection on this site:

To turn them off Google Analytics , please download the following add-on to turn it off Google Analytics provided by Google here To learn more about privacy and Google Analytics please consult the summary for Google Analytics provided by Google here

We may implement advertising tools Google Analytics (including remarketing with Google Analytics , του Google Display Network Impression Reporting or his Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting ). You can opt out ( opt - out ) from advertising tools Google Analytics Advertising through the settings Google Ad or at https : // tools . google . com / dlpage / gaoptout /.

We will use the data provided by these tools as described in the "How we use the Information" section.

Cookies Targeted Third Party Advertising

We may also enter into contracts with third-party ad networks that collect addresses IP and other information through use cookies , web server logs and web beacons to our websites and emails, to third party websites and emails, and to our ad placed on third party websites. They use this information to create a profile about you and to provide advertisements for products and services tailored to your interests (including for companies not affiliated with us). You can see these ads on our websites and other websites. This process also helps us to manage and monitor the effectiveness of our promotions. The first time you visit our site, a notification about cookies will inform you about the use of these marketing technologies. They will only be used if you accept them or continue browsing this site. You can change the settings for cookies at any time and accept or reject these analytics technologies by clicking the control tool below cookies or by clicking here and following the opt-out guidelines for those ad networks.

To learn more about interest-based advertising, please visit Digital Advertising Alliance to the address www . aboutads . info / choices or the Network Advertising Initiative in the www . networkadvertising . org / choices .

Cookies Third Party to Improve Website Interactivity

This site may also support certain third-party services, including content sharing facebook , twitter , pinterest and instagram , tweet lists ( twitter ) and videos posted on the website ( Youtube ). These services use cookies that are automatically configured on your device by these services. The first time you visit our site, a notification about cookies will inform you about the use of these cookies . They will only be used if you accept them or continue browsing this site.

Platform Google Display & Video 360

Through the use of third-party technologies it is possible to create strategies / targeted ads on the internet on its behalf E through systems Google Ads and Facebook ads and the platform Google Display & Video 360

Necessarily Cookies

The necessary cookies allow the performance of its basic functions site , such as adding products to cart, electronic payment and storing products in wish - list . Without them, its smooth operation is immediately affected e - shop and your personal navigation experience is degraded.

Functionality Cookies

Functionality cookies "memorize" your preferences when you browse our site, so we can suggest the right products and the necessary content based on your needs. With these cookies you enjoy a personalized version of it luxolympus - collection . com making it much easier to find what you are looking for. The information is anonymous.

Statistical cookies or analytics cookies

Statistical cookies or analytics cookies are a subset of functionality cookies and enable us to evaluate the effectiveness of the various functions of our site, in order to continuously improve the experience we offer you.

Promotion cookies

Promotion cookies are used to "serve" ads more relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to send targeted advertising to reduce bulk, unwanted and pointless advertising messages.

Targeted Advertising

We may also use third-party platforms, including those operated by social networks such as Google, Facebook and Pinterest, to show you interest-based ads. We may convert your email address, telephone number or other information into a single value, which third parties may associate with a user on their platform or other data that they may have collected from you. This mapping allows interest-based ads to be displayed on these platforms. These platforms may have their own alerts or privacy policies, which we suggest you check.

Information We Share

We do not sell or disclose personal information we collect about you, except as described here and in the manner described. Your data may be accessed by our duly authorized employees or external partners acting on our behalf, for the above mentioned processing purposes, providing us with IT services for the recording and storage of your data and / or customer service and / or sending for Our account updates, promotions or market research.

We may also share your personal information with:

- Our partners for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

- Service providers who provide services on our behalf based on our instructions. We do not authorize these providers to use or disclose the information unless it is necessary to provide services on our behalf or to comply with legal requirements. Examples of these service providers include entities that process credit card payments, order processing, order delivery (courier services), and the provision of network hosting and advertising services.

- Other third parties with your consent.

Additionally, we may disclose information about you (i) if we are required to do so by law or legal process, (ii) law enforcement or other government officials, or (iii) when we believe disclosure is necessary, or suitable to prevent bodily harm or financial loss, or in collaboration with an investigation into suspected or actual fraudulent or illegal activity.

We also reserve the right to transfer the personal information we have about you in the event of the sale or transfer of all or part of our business or assets. Should such a sale or transfer occur, we will make a reasonable effort to direct the transferee to use the personal information you have provided to us in a manner consistent with our Privacy Policy. Following such sale or transfer, you may contact the entity to which your personal information will be transferred with any questions regarding the processing of such information.

Written messages

If you choose, you can provide your mobile number to receive text message notifications containing product and event information, cosmetic tips or promotions ("text messages"). We do not charge a fee for receiving text messages from us, however your mobile service provider may charge you for sending and / or receiving text messages and airtime, as well as any other standard rates charged by your mobile service provider. . If you choose to receive them and later decide that you no longer want to receive these text messages, see the "Your Rights and Choices" section below.

Text messages are distributed through third party mobile providers and, therefore, we cannot control certain factors related to the delivery or guarantee of availability or performance of this service, including liability for transmission delays or message failures. To get help with text messaging, you can call (+30) 2144050150.

We can also receive the date, time and content of your messages when using text messages. We will use the information we receive in relation to text messages in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Promotion notifications and in-app notifications and updates

When you download one of our mobile applications (if any), we may give you the option to choose to receive push notifications from us on your mobile device from this mobile application. These promotional notices may include advertising announcements about our products and services. After downloading the mobile app, you can opt out of receiving promotional notifications by adjusting the settings on your mobile device. Exemption from forwarding notifications will not affect other communications you receive from us, such as email communications. You may also receive notifications and updates to our mobile applications about our products and services or your accounts with us. To opt out of receiving these notifications and updates, you can uninstall the corresponding mobile application from your mobile device.

Your Rights and Choices

You have certain rights and options in relation to the personal data we collect from you. To update your preferences, ask us to remove your information from our mailing lists or make a request, please contact us as specified below.

Do not participate in emails (Email Opt-Out)

You can tell us at any time not to send you promotional email by clicking on the Unsubscribe link you will find in the promotional emails you receive from us or by contacting us as listed below. You can also opt out of receiving promotional emails from us by clicking here or emailing us at customerservice @ gennesis . co . uk or by phone at (+30) 2108087091.

Do not participate in mail messages

You can ask us to stop sending you promotional messages by mail by contacting a beautician of our company in a store, or by sending us an email customerservice @ gennesis . co . uk or by phone at (+30) 2108087091.

Do not participate in text messages (SMS)

You can also choose not to receive text messages by emailing us at customerservice @ gennesis . co . uk or by phone at (+30) 2108087091.

Geographical location information

When you use one of our mobile applications, we may ask you for your geographical location. You can choose not to share your geolocation information by customizing your location services settings on your mobile device. To discard sharing your geolocation data, follow the instructions on your mobile device to change the settings. Otherwise, contact your service provider or the manufacturer of your device.

Withdrawal of Consent

You can also withdraw any consent you have previously provided to us at any time with effect for the future by contacting us as indicated below. This will not affect the legality of the use of your information based on your consent prior to its withdrawal.

Review, Update or Deletion of Personal Information or Restriction or Objection to Use

Subject to applicable law, you have the right to request access to and receive details about the personal information we hold about you, to update and correct inaccuracies in your personal data, and to request that they be blocked or deleted, as appropriate. the case. You also have the right to object at any time to the use of your personal data for direct advertising purposes, including the creation of direct advertising profiles. In any other case, you can object to the use of your personal data, for reasons related to your particular situation, in accordance with applicable law. Your rights may be limited in certain cases by applicable law. We can take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting you access or making corrections. You can exercise these rights by contacting us as stated below.

Your rights

Our company guarantees your rights regarding the processing of personal data and their exercise.

You have the right:

1 Request access to your personal data

2 Request a correction of your personal data if it is inaccurate or incomplete.

3 Request the deletion of your personal data, unless their processing is necessary for the exercise of its legal rights GENNESIS EUROPE I.K.E. or third parties, for the fulfillment of a legal obligation, for reasons of public interest or for the defense of our legal rights before judicial or other authorities.

8.4 Ask for the restriction of the processing of your personal data only for specific purposes.

8.5 Revoke at any time your consent to the processing of your personal data for advertising and / or targeted advertising by sending an email or written request to mfotopoulou@sarantisgroup.com using the contact information below. In this case, their processing will be stopped by us for these purposes, without this affecting the legality of any processing until your consent is revoked.

In order to exercise any of the above rights, you can also submit a request according to the instructions provided on our website. You can also send us an email or a written request, using our contact information below.

If you believe that your data protection rights have been violated, you can appeal to the Personal Data Protection Authority (www.dpa.gr)


GENNESIS EUROPE PC, Kornarou 1, 105 63 Athens

Call center: (+30) 210 8087091

info @ gennesis.co.uk

Data Transfers

We may transfer the personal data we collect about you to our subsidiaries and third party service providers in countries other than the country in which the information was originally collected, where necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this Policy and the personal data can be processed and stored outside your country of residence. These countries may not have the same data protection laws as your country of residence and your personal data will be subject to applicable foreign laws.

Data retention

We retain the information you provide to us about the duration of our relationship, for a reasonable period of time so that we can apply regular deletion routines or to take into account the current limitation period or if required by applicable law. If you wish to receive marketing communications, we will retain the information necessary to send you these communications after the end of the customer relationship or after they are collected, if you are a potential customer.

The retention period can vary significantly depending on the type of data and how it is used. Determining the retention period of data is based on criteria such as legal retention periods, pending or potential disputes, intellectual property or rights, contractual requirements, business instructions or needs, and historical archiving. We will retain your data for as long as you remain registered to receive our Newsletters. In the case of services we will maintain them for 3 years from the last time you used one of our services. Your details will then be deleted, unless you re-consent to their processing. In any case, you have the right to request the termination of communication for advertising purposes and / or the deletion of your data at any time.

How We Protect Personal Data

We maintain appropriate technical and administrative safeguards to ensure an appropriate level of security for your personal data, in particular to protect your personal data from accidental unauthorized or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or use. However, no security system is perfect and we can not promise that information about you will remain secure in all circumstances, including the security of your data during transmission to us or the security of data on your mobile device.

Links to Third Party Websites

Our site may provide links to other sites for your convenience and information. These sites may operate independently of us. Linked pages may have their own announcements or privacy policies, which we suggest you read if you visit any of the linked sites. To the extent that any linked website you visit is not owned or controlled by us, we are not responsible for the content of the pages, any use of the pages, or the privacy practices of the pages.

Updates to our Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated at regular intervals and without prior notice to you to reflect our privacy practices. We will post a notice on our website to notify you of any significant changes to our Privacy Policy and to indicate at the beginning of the Policy the timing of the most recent update.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, or would like to exercise your rights, please send us a written notice as follows: either by email to info @ gennesis . co . uk , together with a copy of your identification document, or call us at (+30) 2108087091.